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Welcome to JC Write & Read Press, your premier destination for enthralling tales and educational resources. Nestled in the heart of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, we are a boutique publishing house with a passion for storytelling that captivates and educates. Our mission is to ignite imaginations, foster a love for reading, and support lifelong learning through our diverse collection of books and learning materials.

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“From the first page to the last, 'Kollie Blackwell and the Professors of Livingstone' had me hooked. Dr. Carter Brown has crafted a world so vivid and characters so real that I felt like I was part of Kollie's journey. A must-read for fans of mystery and magic alike!”

Alex M, First Magazine

"This book is an absolute gem! The blend of mystery, adventure, and the supernatural is perfect. Kollie Blackwell is a protagonist you can't help but root for. I'm eagerly waiting to dive into the next book in the series." - Jordan K.

Jordan K., The ABC Blog

"I purchased this book for my niece, and she hasn't stopped talking about it since. It's challenging to find a book that is both engaging and suitable for young readers, but this one hits the mark beautifully. Kollie Blackwell is a role model for bravery and curiosity." 

Michelle G.

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