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Worksheet 1

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About the Worksheet

Mastering Addition with the Magical Number 9!

Welcome to our interactive worksheet designed to turn you into an addition wizard using the magical number 9! Are you ready to embark on a mathematical adventure that will sharpen your addition skills and make you a champion of numbers? Let's dive into the world of addition with our first and most enchanting number, 9!

Tips and Tricks:

Remember, adding 9 is just like adding 10 and then subtracting 1. This little trick can make your calculations much faster!

Use your fingers to help visualize and solve the problems if you get stuck.



  1. Read Carefully: Each question involves adding the number 9 to other numbers. Pay close attention to the numbers you're working with!

  2. Calculate Mentally: Try to solve the problems in your head to improve your mental math skills.

  3. Write Your Answers: For each question, write your answer in the space provided.

  4. Check Your Work: After completing all the questions, go back and double-check your answers to ensure they're correct.

  5. Have Fun: Remember, learning math is an adventure! Enjoy the process and celebrate your progress.

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